BBM is Blackberry messenger which has gained a lot of fame in the recent past. Though it is one of the earliest messenger services, Blackberry messenger was initially available only for Blackberry phones. But since last year the Company made it available for all mobile platforms. And when it was made available for other platforms, it came in for iOS and Android platforms too. Windows platform added BBM later only just few days before. It is a perfect open app through which a person can send a single message to their contacts. Till now, only smart phone users were enjoying advantages of BBM. But now, windows users are also into Blackberry messenger. This article covers BBM for PC. Like the other tools, we don’t have a direct method to download BBM for PC. But definitely there are few workarounds to do it.

Features of BBM

BBM for PC

BBMhas a lot of features within, so that BBM has a lot of customers added last year. These are the features that attract customers towards BBM  on PC too.

  • BBM has a facility that it is an open app always. There is no need to open the app each and every time.
  • You will also know whether messages are delivered and read. You will also know when it was delivered and read in BBM of other person
  • BBM has various emoticons for the user to use for different emotions. There are a lot of emoticons that is made available for users.
  • This application allows users to form group and make a group chat.
  • BBM is very useful to broadcast messages. So, at one time the same message can be sent to many contacts.
  • BBM uses PIN and therefore the contacts that you want to have in BBM can be selected.

How to download and install BBM on PC

BBM for PC cannot be directly downloaded, but can be done with the help of Android emulator. There are many emulators around the market. The one we are going to use for BBM download on PC is Andy emulator. Here are steps to download and install BBM on PC.

  1. Locate emulator:-Visit to get the download link for Windows XP, Windows 7 and 8.
  1. Download Emulator:-Click on Download for Windows version. It takes a few minutes. Then, it gets downloaded into the computer.
  1. Install Emulator:-Follow the instructions, and Install that in your computer. Now the Android platform is created in your computer.
  1. Open and search:-Open the Andy application and go to search field
  1. Enter the search criteria:-Type “BBM” in that field to search for that particular application
  1. Install:-Click on Install button now.
  1. BBM for PC gets installed automatically. It takes a few minutes.


BBM is a very useful tool to use in smart phone. That is why it has become popular among windows systems. BBM for PC is a great boon for windows users. Though there is no direct method to install BBM for PC, the emulators are of great use to us.