True to its name, Candy Crush comes out with another brilliant version of the world’s second highest selling game in terms of profit on the mobile platform! With the new Candy Crush Soda Saga, the developer has added some remarkable features which make this game a brilliant and amazing game to play and enjoy. The game is so amazing in its game-play, design, graphics and music that it you simply cannot stop playing this game! The high level of addiction comes from the fact that no matter how long you have been playing, you always want to play more.


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Advanced Features of Candy Crush Soda

The several new features which are added in this version of the game are an improvement upon the previous versions and let you enjoy even more. This version of the game introduces soda bottles which are to be matched with the candies of the same colors. When these bottles are crushed along with the candies, the level is filled with soda and in certain levels of the game, these soda level needs to reach to the top for the level to be completed. This can be achieved only after crushing all the soda bottles in the level.

Another new feature is the bears which are trapped behind the ice. You are required to crush the candies over the ice to break the bears free. On some levels you have to align the candies with the candies placed next to honey for the bears to be freed. If you match 7 candies of a same color, these get converted to a new coloured candy which can unlock other candies and change them to the same color. Aligning 4 candies of the same color lets you create the fish which can be done at all the levels. In the previous versions, beyond after certain levels, you had to buy the fish.

The game lets you play for free up to 5 lives and once you exhaust these 5 lives, you either have to wait for 30 minutes or request your Facebook friends to help you with new lives. Also, you can use the in-game currency to buy lives and when all these have been utilized, you can buy lives by paying actual money. The sounds of the game are brilliant and keeps you focused on the game for hours. The music is amazing and makes the game-play even more exciting. The graphics are neatly designed and the objects are meticulously developed. Playing this game is an unmatched experience and something which is certainly enjoyable and addictive.


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How to Play Candy Crush Soda on MAC OS

The game is available for Android and iOS platforms and hence can be installed on iPhones and Android devices. But, what if you want to play it on your awesome Mac computer? Well the answer is yes! Just follow some very simple steps and the game is all yours to be played on your Mac computer.

  1. First, download an Android emulator like Bluestacks and install it. To download it right from this blog, click here.
  2. Then download and install the app file for Candy Crush Soda Saga.
  3. After completing download, install the software.

You will get a search box through using which you would be able to search to favorite applications. To get Candy Crush Soda on Bluestacks, type the keywords of game and you will get download option at the searched results list. Your Macintosh computer is prepared to play Candy Crush Soda game.

But before you do this, please ensure that the RAM and the system memory on your computer are compatible with these two applications. Also, ensure having a decent processor installed on your computer.