Audible is a brilliant application for those who love reading and do not have enough time for it. Application allows access to the thousands of audio books, magazine, newspapers and other audio enabled files. You can listen to the audio file which might be your favourite book and of course with no interruption to your running processes. Just imagine that you are on a long and boring drive and are travelling alone. A good audio book can be your best companion which will give you good company while you are involved in the mundane activity of driving. Similarly, while jogging or exercising, you can listen to the audio books of your choice.


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Features of Audible Application

This gives you the ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time. While you get the knowledge from a good book, you do not have to spend time reading it. It also helps you to get through a tiring activity without even releasing it. An audio version of books, magazines and newspapers save your precious time. Any normal human being can listen to more number of words rather than reading it. Listening to an audio book helps save time by reducing the amount of time needed to read a book. Simply listen to its audio version and get the same amount of knowledge or information in lesser time.

Audible lets you do exactly this! It gives you access to the online library from where you can download and listen to these audio books, newspapers and magazines. Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon and has a comprehensive collection of digital audio content. You can download the content of your choice, use the application to make your own playlists, categorize them and save the content on your other devices. The application is a useful tool to build your own digital audio library and have the access to important information.


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How To Install Audible Application on Mac?

The application for Audible is available for iOS and Android platforms and hence you need to have an Android enabled smartphone or an iPad or iPhone. While this may seem unfair to many users who prefer to use Mac computers, it is extremely easy to access these files from your Mackintosh. All you need to do is to follow few easy steps and it will do the trick.

  1. First, download Bluestacks from this given link. It is the best Android emulator you can get.
  2. An Android emulator creates an Android environment on non-Android based device and allows the applications to be installed and run on such devices.
  3. Once you download it, the next step is installation on Mac computer.
  4. Using the search tool of Bluestacks, look for the app through keywords Audible.
  5. Now download the file and install Audible app. You may also choose to directly download and install APK file for Audible, but you still need to have Bluestacks installed since it generates the required system environment to run the Android based applications.

Once you get Bluestacks and Audible app installed on your computer, there is nothing more you need to do! Simply access the Audible app from your Mac device and access the books you want to listen to.

You however have to ensure that your computer has sufficient RAM, physical memory and compatible processor required for Bluestacks and Audible apps. You also need a high speed internet connection to allow you to download the apps, audio files and regular updates for the apps.