Android is the most used operating system, when talking about smartphones. The number of devices running on this spectacular OS is way beyond measurement, as most of the mobile manufacturers, whether big or small are building their devices structured around it. The reason behind this is its open source availability. The same open source property have given rise to the Android virtualization projects. Initially, google itself has released its ADK and other resource to get emulate this OS on computers, whatever may be the version. Although, it is quite cumbersome to get all those stuff working, and if you are not a coder the process is going to be way more difficult than what you would be expecting.


To ease out your way, Bluestack was brought to play. Bluestack is an Android emulator, developed by an America based company, started by Rosen Sharma. The Bluestack project was started way back in 2009, when the original Android OS was just 2 years old. Well, it took around 2 years for the developers to dig the way out and launch the emulator for Windows. In 2011, the first alpha version of the Bluestack emulator was launched in the market. This launch was made large as possible, as its first demonstration was done at a conference held at Citrix Synergy, San Francisco.

What It Offers?

Bluestack mainly comprises to components: the app player and the cloud sync. In the initial versions of the application, no much support for the apps was noticed and the beta version was rolled out with Gingerbread edition of Android, which was quite outdated. Although, the current version is running on jelly bean, with a new version to feature Kitkat or may be lollipop too. The app player is the main emulation engine and responsible for creating Android virtual machine on your system. It supports around 750,000 apps and games, which cover all the major Android apps and games. Cloud Sync is made to upload all the precious data, apps and games, which you would like to keep safe. It was an optional features, but now has made mandatory for all users.

Features And Subscription:

Bluestack features integrated Playstore, from where you can simple download app with just click. Besides this other app store like amazon app store, 1Mobile market, etc. can also be added to juice up your system with the apps removed from Google Playstore. It also supports installation from Apk files, to do so you will need to double click on the respective apk file and the app will install in few seconds.


Nothing great comes free, but Bluestack does comes free, partially though. There are subscription charges on the usage of this emulator, which can however be bypassed using by choosing to download sponsored application.

So, in case you’re looking for running WhatsApp on your Windows based PC or even want to expericen games like Real Racing 3 or Dead Trigger 2 on big screen, Bluestacks is the only thing you need on your system. Download it by hitting download button below!