A highly addictive and fun game, Crossy Road is the best when it comes to unending arcade puzzle games. The game revolves around helping an animal character on its path and save it from several hurdles and dangers. If you love games which pose challenges and continuously have increased difficulty levels, Crossy Road is truly one of the best. You need to help the animal survive and move ahead. While doing so, there will be multiple dangers which pose threat to the animal and it is your skills which will help it along its way!

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There are over 50 animal characters to choose from which include chicken, lion, tiger, rabbit, pig and several other animal characters. The dangers along your route which you need to survive are buzzing traffic and vehicles, water filled lakes, fast moving trains and many more challenges. To survive, you need to jump on the tracks to avoid moving trains and jump on the logs in the water to save yourself from drowning. The difficulty levels keep on increasing and while you endeavour to survive, it is not going to be easy! This is what makes this game addictive in nature as you want to win and better your previous record.

The game has high quality graphics, characters, vehicles, trains and audio. The storyline is amazing and despite it being an unending game, the events do not get monotonous. The characters are designed using 8 bit 3D graphics and have strong resemblance to their real world counterparts. The quality of the game makes it one of the best games of its genre. Once you start playing it, you get addicted to it irrespective of which age group you belong to. Children to adults; this game is fun for all! The nature of the game keeps you hooked up as you move past one hurdle to another and one difficulty to another.

Crossy Road is specifically designed for Android based devices. But that is no restriction of stopping you from enjoying it on your Windows PC. If you prefer Windows PC over any Android device, then do not be disheartened. Follow a few tricks and the game is all yours! Firstly, download Bluestacks. It’s the best Android emulator you can find over the internet and is of high quality. It will enable you to replicate the environment of an Android device on your Windows laptop or desktop. Once downloaded, install Bluestacks on your Windows computer. Search of Crossy Road from the search box of Bluestacks. You can also search and download the APK file of Crossy Road on your computer.

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The next step is to install Crossy Road app on your computer. Along with these two apps- Bluestacks and Crossy Road, you need to have sufficient RAM and the right processor installed on your computer. Both these applications are power guzzling and hence it is imperative for you to have the right system configuration. Once you have ensured that you have the right processor and RAM, it is equally important to have a fast internet connection. It is important as it allows you to download Bluestacks and Crossy Road and get constant updates for both these applications.

With the optimum resources in place and Bluestacks installed on your Windows PC, you can have fun while you play Crossy Road from your Windows computer!