If you want to enjoy the ultimate racing game, Drag Race Rush is what you need. The game is truly spectacular in terms of its visuals, design, audio, storyline and definitely its cars. The racing tracks span across three different continents and cover almost half of the world. While you zoom past these levels, you get rewarded for your success. The cars are based on real world cars and are meticulously designed based on their real world models. The game is one of the best 3D racing games and is definitely superior to other racing games.image-1

The three continents in the game represent three different levels. The race begins in Asia, continues through Europe and the final leg is in America. While you pass through each level, you need to make sure that you survive the tricks of your opponents and win the level by tricking them. With each successful level, you can stake claim at being the drag racer and when you win the American leg, you get the title of the ultimate drag racer! The racetracks look real and take you through half of the world.

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The cars are highly customizable and you can configure even minute details, such as the paint of the car and the colour of the car. You can select the model of the car, make enhancements to the engine, make upgrades to ignition, add nitrous oxide and change the interiors of your car. You can even post the snaps of the changes made by you to your car on your Facebook page! These changes and enhancements allow you to design your car according to your needs and go for the glory! While you get tricked by your competitors, you need to stay ahead of them and win the race! The game gives you real life like experience of racing and is the best bet for any true racing gamer. The sounds of the cars, the visuals and the tracks make you addicted to this game irrespective of your age. While you keep winning, it leads you to the ultimate glory.

The game is currently available on Android platform and hence can be played on Android enabled devices. So, what if you decide that you want to play this game on your Windows PC? What options do you have? It’s a simple process of few steps and this glorious racing game is accessible from your Windows enabled laptop or desktop computer. All you need to do is to ensure that you follow a couple of simple tricks.


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Download an Android emulator in order to replicate the Android environment on your Windows PC. The best one undoubtedly is Bluestack, so download bluestack first. Once downloaded, simply install Bluestack on your computer. Search for the Drag Race Rush app through the app search option of Bluestack. You may also download the APK file of Drag Race Rush and save it on your computer. Once it has been downloaded, simply install the game on your computer. And there you go! The best racing game can be played and enjoyed by you right from your Windows PC. A few simple steps and the game is all yours to be played even from Windows OS. While doing so, please ensure that you have sufficient RAM and the processor of your computer is powerful enough to support Bluestack and the games app. Also, ensure having fast enough internet connection. Just have these in place and enjoy the game!