If you are an entertainment buff and love watching movies or have missed your favorite television series, do not be concerned! Showbox for PC is the right solution for you. When you have spare time and need some entertainment at home or somewhere else; and wish to relax by watching your favorite TV shows or movies, Showbox is the answer.


Showbox is a very simple application to download and use. The interface of the application is intuitive, which means the navigation is simple and is easily operable even by new users. With this application, you have unlimited access to the world of entertainment. A quick and easy method to access the wide range of movies and TV series, you can either download the stuff you want to view the streams of, or can watch your favorite movies or other entertainment videos live.

The program displays IMDB ratings thereby allowing you to decide and choose which movie to watch. It gives you direct access to the movie screenshots and teasers, and let you decide the stuff you need to access! You can even change the aspect ratios of the videos and modify and optimize your favorite videos. The application displays options such as My Library, Shows, Movies and Sharing options on the top right hand corner of the application interface, which makes it very easy and a matter of couple of clicks for accessing the material that you need to watch. You can even classify movies based on the genres and choose the manner in which you want to access the files.

While you watch your favorite movie or TV series, you can even share it over your timeline and share the experience of watching great entertainment stuff with your friends. The application gives direct access to over 150 television series so that even if you missed watching your favorite show, you can watch it using Showbox anytime, from anywhere. The program supports resumption of videos, therefore if you were watching a stream of the video and had to leave it in between, you can resume watching it from the last paused point. Accessing the entertainment stuff you desire has never been easier. All you need to do is type the parameters in the search box and you get what you want!

Showbox On Your PC:

Showbox is an application specifically designed for Android devices, but that does not mean users who use Windows operating system do not get to watch their favorite movies. By following a few simple steps, the application is accessible through your Windows PC.

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All you need to do is:

  • Download an Android emulator. The best one is Bluestacks. Download it here.
  • Install Bluestacks.
  • Once installed, search for Showbox from the application section of Bluestacks.
  • Similarly, you may directly download the APK file for Showbox.
  • Once downloaded, you simply need to install the Showbox application on your PC.


Once you have completed the above mentioned procedure, there is no stopping you to have the direct access to the amazing world of entertainment from your PC through Showbox. A few simple steps and a high speed internet connection give you the access to what you want to watch. However, it is imperative for you to ensure that your PC has the required RAM and processor configuration as Bluestacks, the download and streaming requires certain processing power.