Snapseed is a great app for those who want to customise their pictures before sharing the images with friends and family or over social media websites. This simple tool lets you optimise your images and make them look really stunning and unique. While it is easy to capture your favourite moments in the form of images, it is easier to make these pictures unique and memorable through customisation. You can do all this and much more through this surprisingly easy to use application – Snapseed. It is one of the best applications for making your pictures look really special!


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Whether you are a budding artist or just a regular guy trying to impress your friends by making your pictures look really special, Snapseed lets you do it all. A few simple steps and this application allows you to give your personal touch to your favourite pictures. Snapseed allows you to generate high quality images, which make you look professional and dexterous. The application can be considered as an alternative to other more popular applications such as Instagram Picture Editor and is relatively easy to operate due to its simple interface. Even new users can use this application with high level efficiency and effectiveness.

The application has several useful tools, which allow making necessary changes and enhancements to images and make several optimisations and with the help of advanced features, you can unleash your creativity. These tools help improve quality of your pictures and add make several enhancements to either the entire image or specific parts of it. With the help of advanced customization options, you can sharpen specific objects in the image, which got blurred. You can increase the focus or enlarge these objects and make these objects look clearer. You can also change the view angles of the images and turn your simple looking original snaps into amazingly creative artworks.

The auto correct option enables adding effects such as colour optimisation, vintage look, grunge and several other optimisation elements. The application has 13 sets of filters which are customisable and have even subsets and even add borders to your pictures. Once you have customised your images, you can share these on your social media accounts. There is support for multiple languages and it lets you choose the language of your choice.

Though at this point Snapseed is available only for Android platform and can be used from Android enabled devices, it does not mean that if you use a Windows enabled computer, the application is inaccessible to you. Snapseed can very easily be accessed from your Windows PC if you follow a few very simple steps.

So, how do you access Snapseed from your Windows PC? Just follow these steps and find out for yourself:


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  • Download Bluestacks, the best Android emulator.
  • Once downloaded, install BlueStacks.
  • Access the Snapseed app from the app search option of Bluestacks.
  • Else, download the APK file of Snapseed.
  • Install Snapseed application on your Windows PC

Once you have followed these simple steps, you are good to go! Access this amazing application from your Windows PC. However, you need to ensure that you have the right system configuration in terms of RAM, processing power and Internet connection. Once these basics are in place and the Snapseed app is installed on your computer, let your creativity do the talking!