Developed and released by Imangi Studios, Temple Run 2 continues to be an amazing game just like the original Temple Run, or rather it is much better than the original game. A true successor to the earlier version, Temple Run 2 is indeed remarkable in terms of its graphics, design, routes, characters, hurdles and sound. This is indeed an addictive game and will keep you occupied for hours on the trot. All you have got to do is to keep playing and keep moving forward while you counter the hazards which fall in your path and dangers which mar your progress.


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The game is unending and once your character has been killed, you need to begin the game again. As you move ahead, you accumulate power ups, coins and gems which allow you to buy starts and characters. At the beginning, there are 4 different characters to choose from. You choose the one based on the coins you are willing to spend to buy one. Once you start the game, there are several dangerous elements which can kill you. You can use the gems from your cart to buy the starts and continue playing the game where it ended rather than at the very beginning. The game also allows you to buy gems and coins from the in apps store and you need to pay for it.

The game controls are simple and you need to swipe left and right to move in that particular direction or swipe up and down to dodge the hurdles which appear in the form of statues breathing fire and protruding rocks. As you keep dodging these hurdles, you move ahead on your mission and accumulate coins and gems. The simple controls make it easy to play this game and all you need to do is to focus on maintaining your balance and speed. The graphics are definitely an improvement over the previous versions and gives the feel of an actual scene.

Currently this game is available for mobile platforms, for iOS and Android to be precise. However, it is quite possible to enjoy this game from you Macintosh computers. Simply follow a few steps and the game can be played on your Mac. Download Bluestacks, the best Android Emulator ever to be developed and released. Once, it has been downloaded, install the application on your Mac computer. Next download an APK file of the game and install it on your computer. You may also choose to use the search box from Bluestacks and locate the app file of the game. Download and install it on your Mac computer. That is all you need to access this brilliant game from your computer.


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But, there is a catch! You need to have decent enough resources to play this game on your computer. Your Mac computer must have a compatible processor, graphics card and RAM. Along with these system requirements, you must also have a decent internet connection. This is required to download the Bluestacks and the game app files. Also, you would be receiving regular updates from the developer or might want to buy coins and gems from the in app store for which a fast internet connections is needed. Once you have ensured that your machine is compatible and the internet connection speed is optimum, you are good to go and play this game from your Mac PC.