Face Time  is an application used for free voice and video calling. This application allows multiple users to make video calling. This is a very popular app among Apple users. The reason for this being is that it comes pre-downloaded by default in the Apple devices. Face Time  is in fact a highlight for Apple devices. This application supports all MAC PCs, iPads and iPhones. This can be installed on Windows systems too. However, there is no official download link to this application as Apple restricts non-iOS users to download and use Facetime for PC. But with use of an emulator, this is made possible in Windows systems. iPadian is the emulator app which will help you to install Facetime on PC. This not only enables you to  Facetime on PC, but it allows you to access other iOS apps as well iOS games.

FaceTime for PC

Features of Facetime for PC

There are so many highlighting features of Facetime for PC app. FaceTime is a very simple application which comes packed with quality features. This makes video and voice calling possible with real sound and video clarity. The video recorded is of HD quality and it offers the users with pleasing chat sessions. This makes use of the front facing camera in your smart phones during video calling. Other FaceTime app users in your contacts are made available for you to make free calls. The catchiest factor of Facetime for PC is that it allows multi-users on the contact list to conference at one time. Facetime for PC works in Wi-Fi and in other data networks like 2G and 3G networks. The good thing about this app is when you receive a call; it rings in all your Apple devices whether it is iPad or MAC PCs or your iPhone. It rings in all your non-telephony devices too so that you can receive the call anywhere and anytime. This rings just like your regular call so that you will be attentive to the rings. There is no need for a good guide to install FaceTime for PC app. it is very simple and self-explanatory.

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How to download Facetime for PC

As indicated earlier, there is no direct method to download FaceTime for PC in your Windows machine. There is a need for an emulator which helps you to run this application. iPadian is an application used to run all iOS apps and games on Windows. These are the steps required to download Facetime for PC.

  1. Search for iPadian application
  2. Download this emulator in your PC
  3. Install the iPadian emulator
  4. Start the app iPadian in your PC
  5. Search for FaceTime application
  6. Install FaceTime application for PC
  7. Now, you are ready to use Facetime for PC.

Now, it works the same way as it works in Apple devices.

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FaceTime is not a directly downloadable application for Windows users now. But in the near future, a downloadable application for Windows would be made available by Apple. The technology giant had announced saying that Facetime for PC would be made as open standards soon.