Most of the people had been thinking that how can Google be far away from launching its own messenger, though its competitors had already launched their powerful apps. The news of Google Messenger shocked them a bit and now Google Messenger is easily available on Google Play Store for free. One just needs to have a Google account to use this messaging application. This free application handles the MMS and SMS duties well. Google had integrated SMS and MMS to this hangout application.

Though late, but Google realized of having and application similar to its competitors and therefore launched this Google Messenger for PC. This application has got really awesome material design and is very user friendly to use. This is the replacement for Google’s stock messaging application. You must have a look on features of Google Messenger.

Google Messenger Features

Google Messenger for PC

Here are some of the best features of Google Messenger:

  • Faster Sharing: you can select the pictures or capture the photos directly through the application and can also share other media files like audio, video etc with your contacts. You can also share audio SMS and represent your emotions through emoticons.
  • Easy Search: you can search through the threads and the contacts to find the exact thing you are looking for.
  • Purposeful design: The material design of Google Messenger is intuitive and very delightful. It is fluidic.
  • More Powerful Controls: You can easily block the senders of the SMS and choose which people in your contact can send you SMS or MMS.
  • Cleaner Inbox: The messages can be swiped to left, wrote, or even be archived. You can decide what to do with them later own and have a clean inbox without losing any of the vital information.

These were some cool features of newly launched Google Messenger and we hope to see its positive response among people.

Download Google Messenger for PC

There is no method to download official version of Google Messenger on PC directly. However, there are different Android Emulators for downloading Android App to PC. One of such Emulators is IntelApp Up. This emulator allows you to download and install Google Messenger on PC. Here is the installation guide to download Google Messenger for PC. Follow the guide carefully.

  • Download and install IntelApp Up on your PC from its official website.
  • Run IntelApp Up on your PC
  • Search Google Messenger Application on IntelApp Up interface
  • Once you find Google Messenger App, you must click install button.
  • Once installation is finished, you can run Google Messenger on PC easily.

Follow these steps carefully if you want touse Google Messenger application on PC for free and without any havoc.

Final Words

Google Messenger is one of the latest apps launched by Google in recent times and provides users with real time messaging and sharing abilities. If you are able to install Google Messenger on PC then you will surely come over some of the brilliant features of this wonderful app by Google.