Google had entered to every gadget virtually that is used for communication. Google is the tops search engine used all over the world.  It is extremely popular among the masses and offers a large range of services. Now Google had decided to entertain and shock people with different tricks and pranks to amaze people. Google had already launched Google Zero Gravity and it had become very popular among the users. If you wish to use Google Zero Gravity pranks then you need a working internet connection and browser. Here is the list of some popular Google Zero Gravity tricks and pranks.

Google Sphere

This trick allows you to play with screen options. If you try this, you will see that the entire Google screen will start moving. If you are searching for the images and trying this trick then you will be amazed to see the screen moving with the images.

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Google Zero Gravity Inversion

Google Zero Gravity

This is one of the simplest trick in Google zero gravity list. This trick makes you feel that everything had been reverted and you are working on other side of your computer screen. So try this for once. It’s fun.

Google Underwater

Google Zero Gravity

Using This Google Zero Gravity Prank, you can change the background of Google main page and project it with underwater scene.

Google Zero Gravity Flat Fall

This is one of the most tried tricks on Google ever. This will make the entire Google website to fall down and break in pieces. Still, all the users can use complete features of Google after this. This trick surprises the user and applies the gravity concept on Google Home screen. One of the best features of this Google Zero Gravity Free Fall is that it allows you to throw the broken tabs and other elements on screen.

Do a barrel roll

In order to use this trick you first need to visit and type on the search bar- ‘do a barrel roll’. Now stop and see that the screen is revolving 360 degrees.

Zeg Rush

This is a popular Google Zero Gravity prank and will make the entire area of the Google page to be filled with zeros. Use this trick by following some steps:

  • Visit and type ‘Zeg Rush’ on the search bar
  • Search results appear and you can see the zeros falling down

Let Me Google That for You

If you want your friend to search a specific thing then you can play with this Google Zero Gravity trick and let the search happen by itself. Just type the thing that you need to search and click on ‘Search’. A new link will be generated on bottom. Copy that link and send it to your friend. This will do every thing from your side on your friend’s screen.

Google Hacker

This prank will show the whole Google page in an unfamiliar language and will shock your friends completely.

Google Rainbow

This Google Zero Gravity trick will display the rainbow above its page. The whole page will be having text in various colors.