Hike is an instant messaging app which became very popular in the recent times. It is a free ware and is very unique from the rest of the chat and instant messengers of its kind. It is a very simple application which is very powerful too. It is developed by Bharti Softbank, a joint venture between Bharti Telecom and a Japan based Telecom Company. Hike instant messaging application is now made available for computers as well. Thanks to the emulator applications which is available in the market, which enables the computer to act as an Android device. So, many Android apps can be installed. To install Hike for PC, just follow the procedures given in the following paragraphs.

Hike for PC

Features of Hike for PC

Hike for PC stands out from the crowd, though there are a lot of apps of its kind. Because of its security features it provides its users, this is preferred by many people especially youngsters. The privacy setting designs are so well that even your last time online would be available only to people whom you authorize. Of course, the rest of the privacy settings are also as per your choice. Hike for PC definitely gives the user extra security. There are so many rewards available for the users as per utility of the app. Hike for PC offers a variety of funny stickers to use it while you are chatting. It also offers lots of themes. The special feature of Hike for PC is the fastest text message delivery. As most of the other apps these days, Hike for PC has an easy user interface. It does not need any guide to understand its functions. Hike for PC also offers group chat facility and instant voice facility. Hike also allows users to share photos, videos and locations.

Steps to download Hike for PC

As there is no direct method to download Hike for PC, an emulator needs to be used to download and install Hike on PC. The emulator that is to be used here is Intel AppUp. The following are the steps to be followed to install Hike for PC:

  1. Visit the official site for IntelAppup
  2. Download the one available for Windows 7 and 8.
  3. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes
  4. Now, launch the application
  5. Open and application and click on “My Apps”
  6. Click on the link available in the top to Register
  7. Fill in the details to register
  8. Now click on Search button
  9. Check for Hike messenger
  10. Click on Install button and the application gets installed in your system.

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Presently, Hike messenger is available for Symbian, Blackberry, Android and Apple devices. In smart phones and other mobiles, Hike allows the users to SMS for free even if the friend they are trying to message is offline. This is the highlight of this application. Now that Hike for PC is made available, more number of users is expected to be benefited.