iMessage is an app that is available in iOS 5 and above versions. This is a successful messaging app which makes the customers to get a lot of advantages using this application. There is no direct method to install iMessage for Windows.  But emulators are of great help here. We will be using an emulator by name Youwave to download and install iMessage on Windows PC. Hence the customers can enjoy using iMessage in their PCs having a bigger screen. There are so many wonderful and unique features of iMessage appwhich are discussed here.

Features of iMessage

There are a lot of features that makes this application different from others. These are as follow:

  • iMessage has a great feature to turn off notification for read receipt. So that the user need not expose the time he reads the message to his contact.
  • iMessageoffers a lot of animated GIF which expresses your exact feeling when you don’t feel like writing sometimes. You could send across just these GIFs, which are super cool.
  • iMessage has a very easy method of sharing contact numbers with your friends. This can be done just in a single click.
  • You can share the location you are in with your friends very easily in using iMessage.
  • You can also get help in directions using this app.
  • You can even share voice memos using iMessage application
  • You can easily report spam numbers when you get unnecessary messages from unknown numbers. You can even block number in iMessage

Steps to download iMessage for Windows

As it is already mentioned, iMessage for Windows cannot be downloaded directly. But, this can be done with an Android emulator called Youwave Emulator. This app can be installed in your computer only when you install this emulator. Now, let us look at the steps to download iMessage for Windows.

  • Download Youwave Emulator (Green ling behind to download this emulator in your computer.)
  • Install Youwave Emulator:Install this in your PC. But before you install this emulator, uninstall Virtual Box, if you had already installed. Because, this has a virtual box built in it.
  • Run Youwave Emulator:Now, run the Youwave Emulator. It will automatically boot the Android OS.
  • Install Android application:Now, for installing iMessage for Windows, go to the Menu >> Browser and then type Google Play.
  • Search and Install:You would need a Google play account username and password to go into this. Once, you enter, search for iMessage and click on install. iMessage for Windows is now installed in your computer.


iMessage for Windows is real great fun to use the animated GIFs in the bigger screen. That is the reason why customers are changing to iMessage app. It has the best of the Apple features which are delivered in iOS. It is too flexible and allows the user to set anything he wants. The user can choose his/her customized settings. This is the major highlight of iMessage for Windows.