iPhoto for Windows is an excellent tool which enables the user to transfer pictures from their iPhone or PC or Mac systems. The tool does lots of works to ease the user to handle pictures in their iPhone. This is a photo editor cum viewer tool. If you have the passion for photography and you are also the proud owner of IPhone, then this is the tool you will definitely need. There are so many tools that are available in the market which are of this kind. But iPhoto is very simple and very stable and powerful tool. The steps for downloading this tool are given below. It is pretty simple. Before that, the features of the iPhoto tool are briefed. It has a unique way of storing and sorting pictures. So, your pictures will look the way you want to.

iPhoto for Windows

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Features of iPhoto for Windows

iPhoto for Windows helps the user to import, share, edit, manipulate, organize and print. It has a very simple interface. iPhoto for Windows is too user friendly and you will just start loving the tool once you start using it. It does not need any special user guide to understand the methods that needs to be followed. It has integration with Facebook and Twitter networks. iPhoto for Windows also has good email integration. iPhoto for Windows has face detection facility. So, when people are tagged in your pictures once, it automatically scans for the same face and tags it wherever possible. iPhoto for Windows also helps the user to handle locations. If the location is known already from GPS, it displays the same otherwise there is a good option to add locations by using drop down. iPhoto also has a fantastic space to name the event. So, anytime the pictures can be sorted with names, locations, or events, iPhoto for Windows does the job of a photo editor too. It has lots of effects for the user to choose from many options. It has lots of backdrops too to make your picture lively. This tool can be used to download from IPhone or ipad.

Steps to download Iphoto for Windows

These are the steps to download iPhoto for Windows.

  1. Open to download iPhoto application for Windows.
  2. iPhoto tool will automatically start downloading. It takes a few minutes. Wait until the file gets downloaded fully.
  3. In case, if does not start automatically, click on Download button
  4. It gets downloaded in your PC
  5. Now, there will be an automatic pop up
  6. Click on Run iPhoto for Windows
  7. Check Accept flag
  8. The tool gets installed in your computer

Now you can use the photo editing tool IPhoto.

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iPhone for Windows is an integrated photo editor which comes with many options. User can make unique pictures from their pictures which are regularly taken. Storing is automatically done with this tool. User has to just give details. This makes a clear difference and adds a good effect to the pictures you share with your friends.