Kingdom Rush is neat and well designed game playing which can indeed be a brilliant experience. The game will surely keep you hooked till your battery will last as it carries addiction along. Kingdom Rush Origins is third in the series of Kingdom Rush games from Ironhide Game studio and is a true successor to the previous versions. The graphics and animation quality are remarkable and the experience of playing this game is amazing. The game sound is of high quality and gives a trance like experience to the gamers who would want to continue playing it even after spending hours playing the game.


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Features of Kingdom Rush Game

Kingdom Rush is a strategic game which requires you to defend yourself against the enemies. The enemies follow a specific path and try to invade your towers. The path of the enemies is fixed and is not an open field. You need to construct the towers on the predetermined empanelment along the enemy path and place them strategically to defend yourself. You can also specify the number of entrances you would like each tower to have. There are four different types of towers and you can choose to build multiple towers. As more enemies enter your towers, your life will start reducing. These four types of towers are Elven Infantry, elf archers, mystic mages and stone druids. It is strategically better to place the elf archers at the beginning of the enemy path as these help slow them down. The towers with elf archers originally have one archer which can be upgraded to three. Also, there arrows can be upgraded as well to include weapons such as sleep poison and burst shots.


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Game Plot of Kingdom Rush application

There are nine different types of heroes you can choose to defend your towers. These can be upgraded as well. To construct the towers and the upgrade these towers and heroes, you need to spend the gold available with you. You are supplied with sufficient gold at the beginning of the game to build few towers. As you keep moving upwards from one level to another, more gold is accumulated which you need to spend wisely to get the right combination of the towers and heroes since they are critical to your defences. The heroes can be upgraded to 5 different abilities.

The game has several levels and there are three skill levels which make the game truly challenging. The combination of these various levels offers the gamers several different challenge levels and ability to replay the game with newer experiences. The storyline, graphics, animation and the sound quality contribute towards making this game a great experience.

How To Play Kingdom Rush Game on MAC OS

The game support iPhones, iPads and Android devices and you need to have one of these devices to enjoy this game. However, if you have a Mac computer, you can still enjoy the game despite the unavailability of the game app for Mac.

  1. To be able to do this, first download and install Bluestacks. Follow link to download right from here.
  2. One of the best Android emulator you have got if Bluestacks that has been downloaded by you.
  3. Use search box given on Bluestacks window, download and install Kingdom Rush game app.
  4. Alternatively you can install the game directly using its APK file download. These few steps allow you to play this game from your Mackintosh computer.

Also, please ensure to have sufficient RAM on your computer as well as a compatible processor. You will also need a fast internet connection for downloading the apps and receiving frequent updates.