Monument Valley is a fantastic game for people who enjoy the challenges of puzzles. The game is highly addictive in nature, so beware if you want to play this game! Once you start playing it, there is no stopping you. You would require great will to stop playing it. Its unique features keep you hooked onto to this game while you try your best to cross each level as the difficulty increases with each passing level. One of the best puzzle games of our times, Monument Valley is the clear winner when it comes to the mystery and the adventure which are key elements of this game.


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Unlike the high adrenalin speed thrills or violent action games, Monument Valley requires you to think, strategise and deploy tactics, which are the essentials for playing this game. You are required to help Princess Ida to move forward through the maze of monuments and cross the levels. The path is difficult and apart from the complicated path, which more than confuses you and pose a serious challenge, there are several other characters such as the crow people and non flying birds which hinder your path as you move forward.

The spectacular designs of the maze and the amazing sound quality take you in a state of trance while you face the challenges of finding your way through the confusing maze. The architecture of the game is highly sophisticated and you are required to determine the right path for the princess. The original game has ten levels and the expansion of the game, Forgotten Shores has eight more. Forgotten Shores gives you an even better experience of playing this game and is of superior quality. On your way through the maze you are supported by a character named Totem. High concentration level, patience and desire to succeed are the key characteristics needed to play this game.


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Monument Valley has been released for Android and iOS by its makers. Therefore if you have a compatible device, you can have full access to this game. However, if you wish to play it on your Windows enabled computer, you can very well do so by making use of few simple tricks. Before anything else, you need to have an Android emulator installed on your computer. Bluestacks is miles ahead of any other Android emulator so do not look for any other. Download Bluestacks on the Windows PC on which you want to play Monument Valley. Once downloaded, install Bluestacks.

Now there are two methods which you can follow. In the first method, you are required to search for the Monument Valley app using the search option of Bluestacks. The other option is to directly download the Monument Valley APK file and save it on your computer. The next requirement is to install the Monument Valley application. With these two apps – Bluestacks and Monument Valley downloaded and installed on your computer, you have the access to this game. Meanwhile, you also need to check the RAM and processor of your computer as both these applications require a certain level of system resources to perform optimally.

Once you have met these requirements, just sit back and play the high quality game of Monument Valley from your Windows PC without any hindrance and counter the challenges posed by this game as you cross one level after another!