Need For Speed, the one and only game marked favorite by all, as who would not be aware that it is a car racing games and latest version, Need for Speed: No Limits surely transcends all the limits and is indeed the best! Similar to its predecessors, Need for Speed: No Limits will keep you spellbound. The game is truly stunning in its graphics, background music, characters and above all, its cars! The cars are based on real life actual cars and you can customize these cars without any limits. The cars can be customized by using over 250 million parts which is actually unbelievable! Every time you play, you can have a new version of the car without any limitations.


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Advanced Features of Need for Speed: No Limits

The characters look real, the streets and the scenarios look stunning and the tracks are truly marvelous. While you play this game, you not only test your racing skills and wits, you also test your engineering and designing capabilities. The race takes place across several levels which include Time Trial, Car Delivery and Duel Modes. As you keep winning the races across these levels, you climb up the ladder in terms of your racing careers.

Task is to defeat your opponents who will try to impede your progress on the race track and keep advancing .Use your own skills and wits and beat the enemies. The cops will try to stop you. Dodge them and keep winning races. As you keep advancing, you earn to refuel your tanks. The game never stops since it keeps you hooked up for hours. The brilliant graphics and the amazing story-line is highly addictive and you will never realize how long you have been playing and still will want to resume playing. Set the streets on fire and keep moving ahead to win the coveted races.


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How to Play Need for Speed: No Limits on MAC OS

Need for Speed: No Limits is a game from EA Sports and similar to their legacy of releasing great games, this one is no different. The stunning animations are true to the basic nature of EA Sports. Currently the game is released for iPhones and Android smartphones. Therefore you need to have devices which have Android and iOS installed on them. But, what if you love your Mac computer and feel that it is the best device for playing this game? What should you do? The answer is much simpler than you thought! Just a few tricks and the game is all yours!

  1. Download an Android emulator. Bluestacks can indeed be the best application when it comes to figure out best one. Download Bluestacks from here and install it on your Mac computer.
  2. Then, find the APK file of Need For Speed: No Limits on your computer. And install it on Bluestacks software
  3. You can also use the search the keyword of this game at the box given inside Bluestacks and find out the application right there.
  4. Install the game on your Mackintosh. That is all needs to be done. The greatest car racing game ever is all yours to be played from your Mac computer.

Before following these steps however, you need to check whether your system has sufficient resources to support Bluestacks and the game. These two require a large amount of system resources and therefore please ensure that your computer is capable enough. You need to have sufficient RAM, processor, system memory and a fast internet connection. A fast internet is needed to download the game and the Bluestacks apps and receive future updates.