News 360 is a brilliant means to get the latest information from around the globe. The application is highly useful for news buffs, who need to stay updated with what is happening around them. The program gives instant access to a wide range of news from diverse fields including, geo-politics, economy, finance, sports, technology and current affairs. News 360 is a perfect choice for personalised news services and is highly convenient for you to access the news of your choice at anytime.


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If you like to keep a track of things and wants to stay updated with current news, News 360 is the perfect solution for you. The application delivers high quality news content which is relevant to you and of your preferred choice. You have the options to specify the genre of the news and even the source! The program is also capable of tracking your news reading pattern and based on your usage, presents the news which is most relevant to you and according to your specifications. You do not have to worry about the information overload as this application delivers the most relevant news material for you and from authentic sources, so you do not have to browse through heaps of news to find what you need!

The application becomes smarter as you use it more frequently and helps you find what you need. No more irrelevant and boring news items when all you need to do is to download this app and get what you want. The application allows users to follow specific groups of people along with pre-specified genre and news source. For those who are interested in the world of business, it allows them to follow specific companies for news related to the market and economy. The application generates news items from over 100,000 sources which include international websites, news blogs, news sources and even authentic local sources for the news items.

You can even link the application with your social media sites thereby letting the app understand your likes and dislikes and deliver news items accordingly. Similarly, the application also lets you access the latest and most trending news items from a wide range of spectrum. The program has a simple interface and is quite easy to operate. You may even save your favourite news items for reading them later. It displays headlines and users can click on these headlines according to their choice to get more detailed information. Similarly, the application also allows access to news images and videos. You can even specify your location and get the most relevant and useful local news delivered to you instantly.


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Though News 360 is an application developed for Android devices, however, users with Windows PC do not lose out either! All you need to do is to download an Android emulator. The best one undoubtedly is Bluestacks. Once Bluestacks has been downloaded and installed, all that is needed then is to access the News 360 app for downloading and installation. Download Bluestack first. You may also download the APK file of the application and get it installed on your system. Once these requirements are met, you have the power to access the world of News right from your Windows PC with no hassle and with minimum efforts. Bluestacks and News 360 apps require a certain level of system resources, which once in place give you unlimited access to the news that you want to read!