Published by EA sports, the leading sports game publisher in the world, Plants Vs Zombies 2 lives up to the expectations of a game from EA sports. The game has brilliant graphics, storyline, characters and sound. The quality of the game is really high class and the game is indeed unique in its genre. The game is more oriented towards strategic approach and requires you to think while you play. Unlike other action games which depend upon directly killing the opponents, this game requires you formulate strategies, execute your plans and kill your enemies, which are zombies by the way in this case.


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The game requires you to kill zombies using plants! Now that might sound weird but that is how amazing and different this game is. You are needed to grow plants and develop super powers to kill you enemies. As you keep moving forward and kill zombies, accumulate coins which you need to buy weapons and important things to help you develop super powers and kill more zombies! The game has several difficulty levels and as you keep moving forward, the difficulty increases. This tests your ability to think on the move and react quickly.

The first level is in the front yard and is in the daytime. So, you have the sunlight to keep the visibility level high. As you move towards further levels, the difficulty increases and the sun disappears making it even more difficult to play. In the final level, you fight against a robot controlled by zombies. The battle takes place in the night inside the pool and is really tough. The game has high quality graphics and audio which gives an illusion of reality. While you cross different levels, you get more addicted to the game as it possess tougher and tougher challenge for you to deal with! Irrespective of your age, this game is a sure addiction once you start playing it. While you may try to take a break, you will surely return to continue playing this remarkable and unique game.

The game is available for several smart phone platforms but does not have a release which can be installed on a Windows enabled PC. So, if you want to play this game on your Windows PC, just make sure that you follow very few simple tricks. First, download Bluestacks, an Android emulator. It’s the best and the most efficient Android emulator. Once it has been downloaded, install Bluestacks. It will help create the environment of Android operating system on your Windows PC.


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The next thing to do is to locate the Plants Vs Zombies 2 game through the app search box of Bluestacks. You can also directly download the APK file of the game and save it on your computer. Once it has been saved on your computer, simply install the app file of the game. Both these apps require certain specific system resources such as processor and RAM. These are required for the optimum performance of Bluestacks and the game. A high speed internet connection is also required to enable you to download the two apps and also to get the necessary and timely updates.

Once all these things are in place, just sit back and enjoy the game!