Shazam is a popular music application that helps to recognize the name of a song on music devices. Shazam is the quickest and easiest way to discover more about music, TV and ads. With the release of the application for personal computer version, users can now take benefit of finding lyrics, videos and even identify details of music. Shazam for PC is an app for identifying music being played in the surroundings.

User can enjoy all new songs and check out the details of their favourite songs every time through Shazam for PC application. The Shazam also proves to be useful for checking out the stock of songs in case there is no written description. Whether user just really needs to know the name of a song playied on a radio or wants to find a new artist, Shazam for PC is best application tool that can help.

Shazam for PC

Shazam is offered in three different types of packages, i.e. Shazam as free-to-try software, Shazam Encore a pay-to-play program and Shazam RED, similar to encore but part of the income is donated to charity.

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Shazam for PC Features

There are many features of Shazam for PC. Once Shazam identifies a track, it displays links for downloading the song. The Key features of Shazam for PC are- It helps to watch music, videos and concerts from YouTube.With Shazam for PC user can share tags on Facebook, Twitter &other social media sites. It also helps in finding the lyrics you thought you knew.With this app user can read album reviews and artist biographies.Use Shazam for PC in Snap View while browsing the web or using another application.

Shazam for PC Download

Steps to download Shazam for PC are given below:

  • To download Shazam for PC, emulator is needed to run the Shazam for PC as there is no official PC client of this game. There are many emulators available online to choose from, but Youwave Emulator is best for Android applications. Youwave is a genuine application for PC to download android application. Shazam for PC also needs graphic drivers. Download Youwave emulator from its official site.
  • When the download of emulator is complete, install Youwave emulator on your desktop. Before installing emulator, uninstall Virtual Box if it is installed in your PC. Now run the Youwave emulator.
  • For installing Shazam for PC application on your computer. Go to the menu of Youwave emulator, which is at the top of the screen.
  • In the menu of the emulator, click the first app, i.e. Browser and type Login the page with username and password.
  • Now search Shazam for PC. When you get Shazam for PC, click the install button to install Shazam for PC. Once installation completes, Shazam for PC is ready to use.

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Users are now able to access to all premium features by installing Shazam for PC. This is an amazing application that is preferred by everyone and therefore one must download and use this app. Its downloading procedure is also easy.