The Android technology had come up like a revolution to gadget world and had made people go crazy about different gadgets and application that are been launch every now and then. Many popular applications had been brought up to the market for sharing different photos with your relatives and friends. Instagram is one of such application that is really popular these days. But just about a year back, a new application for photo sharing and editing was launched and was named as Snapchat. This application allows the user to share drawings, texts, photos with selective people on their contact list. The multimedia is referred as ‘Snap’. Most you might be wondering about Snapchat for PC, but there is no official version of Snapchat for PC that is available for download.

Android Smart phone users can download Snapchat on smartphones free of cost from Google PlayStore. There is enough number of applications that are available for photo sharing and editing, but Snapchat is one of the greatest one. Let us have an eye on some useful features of Snapchat app.

Features of Snapchat for PC

Snapchat for PC

Some of the best features of Snapchat app are as follows. You should go on reading its features that are quite impressive.

  • This application enables you setting the time limit for which a user can set a time limit for the recipients for viewing the snaps. Once the time limit is over, the recipient cannot access the snaps sent by other user. These snaps will be hidden from the recipients and will be deleted automatically from the server.
  • Another great feature of this app is that after 24 hours are completed, the older snaps will be deleted automatically and the space for new conversation will be made.
  •  You can add data overlaps to snaps as it offers smart filters
  • You can even access few additional services like smart filters along with visual filters and you can customize your snaps effectively.

Downloading Snapchat for PC

Snapchat offers some stunning features to its users and you will definitely love this application. If you wish to download and install Snapchat on PC then you can do it using Andy Emulator. Andy is a powerful emulator that can provide Android like platform on your PC. Steps to download and install Snapchat on PC are as follows:

  • You can install Andy emulator firstly on your PC.
  • Make sure that Andy emulator had been downloaded to your device perfectly and run it as well.
  • Now open Andy interface and search for Snapchat app for installation.
  • Once you find Snapchat for PC, you should press install button.
  • Allow installation of PC to get completed. Once it is done, you can run Snapchat for PC.

Final Words

Follow the above steps carefully for downloading SnapChat on PC. Some of the extra ordinary features of this app will make you to use Snapchat on PC for longer time. So, download Snapchat on PC and enjoy some of the most heart throbbing features of this application.