Subway Surfers is one of the most popular games these days. It has been developed by Kiloo, the Company which is based in Denmark. The game was launched in May 2012 which was based on the theme of Seasonal Holiday; however from January 2013 onwards the theme has been World Tour which portrays scenes of different cities in the world. Recently as per the evaluations, scenes of seventeen cities had been featured in the games. It had been very popular on phones and the game can be played on various operating systems like android, iOS and even on Windows. The fans had been accessing the game on their smart phones and have been desperately waiting for the launch of Subway Surfers for PC. Hence looking at the popularity and fan following for the game, company has developed Subway Surfers for PC.

Subway Surfers for PC

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Features of Subway Surfers for PC

The game’s objective is to collect the coins, and one character that more or less looks like a hooligan is running in an endless game with this motive only. The same character has been used in the Subway Surfers for PC, which means the setup and the characters have been maintained same. However when we talk about the game, the task of collecting the coins is made difficult, by disrupting the player from collecting the coins, and for this various obstacles are placed in the game, from which the player has to jump or slide aside or even duck to come out safely. The player are given certain bonuses too like hoverboards, long jumps or runs or certain specific missions which awards them with a special power. The graphics of the game has been really appreciated, and with the change in seasons you get to see different graphics, although the base of the game remains the same, this can be enjoyed more when you Subway Surfers for PC.

Download Subway Surfers for PC

Here is good news for all the game lovers, as we have enlisted the simple downloading steps to getsubway surfers for PC with you or you can even refer Subway surfers for PC installation guide. Steps to download Subway Surfers for PC have been mentioned below:

  • The exe file has been created to enable you to download and install subway surfers for PC. The exe file can be accessed by searching for it on google or you download it.
  • Once the exe file is being downloaded, double click on the exe file to run the file.
  • After running the file, you will see an installation box. You just need to click next and then click on install. This process will help you download the game on your computer.
  • Once game is installed, you are ready to play Subway Surfers for PC.

With the above simple steps, the download is complete, and you can start playing the game and experience the real fun of gaming.

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Hence now you can enjoy it on computer desktops too as the company has come up with Subway Surfers for PC specifically with the comfort of big screens, proper handling and good sound system too. The Subway Surfers for PC can be owned for free, just like it is free on your phones.