What would you do if you want to buy the tickets for the concert of one of your favourite pop stars or you want to watch that important football contest? Well, if you are in United Kingdom, you would know from your experience that the tickets for such events are sold out immediately once they are made available at the box office. Sometimes even within 15 minutes! But, despite this rush for tickets, at the times of the actual events, several seats remain vacant. This is because several ticket holders are not able to attend the event. Also, there are touts and secondary websites who buy tickets and sell them at higher prices.


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Features of Twickets Application

However, there are certain individuals who would prefer to sell tickets at either fair or lower prices. Twickets is one such application which allows genuine buyers and sellers to trade such tickets. Therefore, if someone out there has a ticket for your favourite concert and is unable to attend it and you on the other hand want the ticket for that concert, Twickets is the best platform for trading such tickets. The application was developed by Richard Davies, a web designer, who saw a person offering his ticket for free on Twitter. Davies realised that there are individuals who want to give out their tickets at fair or lower prices rather than letting it go waste. This led to the creation of Twickets in 2011 which allows trading of tickets between those who have spare tickets and those who need tickets.

Twickets follows a strict policy of not allowing tickets to be sold at higher than face value. The value should either be lower than the actual value of the ticket or lower than that. The application has been highly successful in reducing the number of empty seats at such events and since its launch, more than 45,000 tickets have been exchanged through this application.


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How to Get Twickets for Mac:

Currently the application is available for iOS and Android platforms and requires you to download and use it through your Android phone or an iPhone. But, if you use a Mac computer and want to access the application through it, a few simple steps will allow you the access to this amazing app through your Mackintosh.

  1. Download and install Bluestacks first from here! The best Android emulator you can find out on internet.
  2. An Android emulator creates an environment similar to that of an Android device and allows access to the applications meant for Android devices. Once you have Bluestacks installed on your computer, access the app search box of Bluestacks and search for Twickets app.
  3. Download the app and install it. You can also directly search for the APK file for Twickets and download and install it.

This is all you need! The access to Twickets through your Mac is granted to you and you can use the application in an extremely convenient manner.

But before downloading and installing Bluestacks and Twickets app, please ensure that you have the required RAM, processor, physical memory and fast enough internet. These are essential for successfully downloading and running the Bluestacks and Twickets apps. A fast internet connection is critical since it is needed to successfully download and install the two applications. Bluestacks and Twickets apps receive frequent updates and hence a fast internet connection is required. Also, trading of tickets also requires an internet connection with decent speed.