UC browser is one of the most fastest and powerful browser available these days for Android phones. One of the biggest advantages of using UC Browser for PC is that it decreases your data cost and increases browsing speed through PC or mobile. Although, PC running on Windows XP/7/8 already have Internet Explorer and Google Chrome as useable browsers, but there are some considerable features which these browsers misses.

Google Chrome is mainly disadvantageous as it consumes more RAM and slows down system. So if you are looking for an alternative high performance browser for your system, UC browser is the right type of browser for you. It is the best choice while downloading any video, sings, themes, wallpapers, applications and games. So here we have given some features of UC browser and how to download and install UC Browser on PC.

Features of UC Browser for PC

UC Browser for PC

Below are some of the features about UC Browser for PC.

  1. Easy Modes for Download:You can easily view, resume and download any type of application, game, video or audio on system. Even you can easily see the downloadable resources from the list of web pages.
  2. Acceleration of Hardware:this browser is specially designed to give fast speed with more hardware acceleration which makes your system run fast on utilizes lesser RAM and ROM.
  3. Fast Speed while Start up launch:this is one of the key reason why people are looking towards finding a more viable alternative on their systems. UC browser provides you just the right type of features which suits many of the users.
  4. More User Friendly and enhanced pre load speed:The UC browser gives you seamless pre loading speed which helps you to browse efficiently. The download menu and windows is so user friendly that one can easily understand with simple clicks.
  5. First you need to download and install Youwave from online links.
  6. Once you have downloaded Youwave, you simply install it by following user friendly instructions just like you normally do with any software.
  7. After installing it, now run Youwave from the icon and open it.
  8. Go to View > online content
  9. Double click on the application UC browser in this case to install or you can also double click to browse for the stores.
  10. Once it is downloaded, go to the View section > Apps
  11. Now you need to double click the UC browser icon and install it.
  12. Once UC Browser installation is done, double click it again to launch it from there.
  13. You need to Agree and Continue.

How to download UC Browser for PC

These are some of the simple steps to download, install and run UC browser on PC. Now you have successfully completed installation of UC browser on PC.


If you follow above steps, you can easily download, install and run UC browser for PC and then enjoy all the features of this amazing browser on your PC. So stop waiting and start following above steps.