WhatsApp has not officially been made available for PC, but it can be downloaded and installed using simple steps on web which have been mentioned below. The application has been lately purchased by Facebook Inc. one of the most famous social networking websites and hence it can be understood well that how useful this app shall be to keep you connected to the outside world and one should thus have WhatsApp for PC installed on their computers. With the application on PC, you need not have to look for it on your phone; the message thus can be easily checked on PC itself while you are working.

Features of WhatsApp for PC

Whatsapp for PC

The application has some of the amazing features which have made it popular worldwide and quite useful to the users. Let’s go through some of the features of Whatsapp;

  • The best part about the app is it provides free messaging service to the consumers. For the first year the app is available free of cost whereas from second year onwards USD 0.99 per year is the charges.
  • The device can be used to send texts, videos or audio notes to any person using WhatsApp on mobile, PC orany of the compatible devices.
  • No extra amount needs to be paid for any additional services or features used by the customers.
  • The user interface has been designed in the simplest way to make it convenient for the users and is also easy to learn.

How to download WhatsApp for PC

The application can be downloaded using Genymotion which is one of the fastest emulators and can be used to download apps on windows, mac and Linux. Various emulators are available in the market and it depends on the preference of an individual as to which one he wants to choose. Genymotion is considered to be the best and fastest when it comes to downloading apps on PC and same goes for WhatsApp for PC download. For installing WhatsApp for PC following steps can be followed;

  • Download Genymotion for pc, and this can be done by visiting the official website.
  • Create an account for free using an existing email address and then confirm the registration with an email that is received.
  • Once the confirmation is sent, then the Genymotion can be downloaded for pc.
  • The icon is available on the right corner of the website, and it can be clicked to download. Various versions shall be available, the perfect one according to the operating system.
  • MAC users have to download Virtual Box, however for the users of Windows nothing else needs to be downloaded. Rest the procedure for downloading remains the same.
  • Once the emulator has been downloaded, then a new virtual device has to be added and created. For downloading the device, the credentials of the account needs to be provided and after this a list of virtual devices shall appear in front of you and after the suitable one can be chosen.
  • Select the device and download it and once it is done the user shall be redirected to the main window.
  • The application then can be used to download WhatsApp for pc and hence can be used as an alternative to your phone.


With above mentioned steps, we hope users will be easily able to run WhatsApp for PC and thus enjoy unlimited benefits. So what are you waiting for get started to enjoy WhatsApp for PC.