Wynk Music from Airtel is a great application from Airtel for all the music lovers. The application gives you an instant access to music, international and Indian music of several genres. Wynk Music lets you enjoy music from 8 different languages and allows access to over 1.8 million songs! Airtel offers Wynk Music in two subscription formats. These are Wynk Plus and Wynk Freedom. The application is unique as it is free from advertisements and is a major competitor to applications from Gaana and Saavn. The advertisement free content makes it more acceptable among the users as it does not disturb you with those irritating advertisements while you enjoy your music.


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You can choose either of the two subscriptions for enjoying your favourite music, however, even if you do not subscribe, you can still have access to online streams of music of your choice. Wynk Music lets you enjoy your favourite song through its online radio service which is free from any advertisements and broadcasts latest songs. You can also set a song of your choice as a ‘Hello Tune’. The monthly charges for the Android based application is Rs.99 a month and for the iOS based application, it is Rs.60 a month. With this low subscription fees, you virtually have the access to the unlimited music. The application lets you purchase music of your choice and also lets you view the lyrics of the song.

For Wynk Freedom subscription, it is only available in specific cities where Airtel has 3G connection support and what’s more? You are not even required to pay for any data charges. It is available for fees of Rs.129 a month which allows you to download as well as stream the music online. Even without any subscription, users can access 100 songs a month and listen to the online stream of these songs. The low cost at which this application is available and the clean interface and service which is free from any advertisements makes this application the most amazing music application. While you enjoy the music from the comfort at your home or any other place, it does not burn a hole in your pocket. It is the cheapest method to listen to your preferred music and lets you enjoy every bit of it.

At this point Wynk Music application is available only for Android users. However, if you use a Windows PC, you can get this application installes on your desktop or laptop with minimum efforts by following a few simple steps.

Installing Wynk Music On Your PC:

  • Download an Android emulator like Bluestacks which is undoubtedly the best! Download here!
  • Install Bluestacks.
  • Once installed, you need to either download the APK file for Wynk Music or search for the application from the search app option of Bluestacks.
  • Once the APK file is downloaded, you just need to install the application and Wynk Music is available at your service right from your Windows enabled personal computer!


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These easy and simple steps ensure that this application is accessible to you in a simple and easy manner and the amazing world of music is within your reach! So, what are you waiting for? If you have the right system configuration with the requisite RAM and processor and a fast internet connection, the music of your choice is available at your fingertips even from your Windows PC!